TauTec will particpate and present its products at the following events:

FRET Microscopy Workshiop, March 8-12, 2005, Charlottesville

Basics of fluorescence, theory of resonance energy transfer (RET), existing techniques for RET detection, need of microscopy for FRET imaging Principles of microscope design and image formation, detectors for video imaging Fluorescence microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy, multiphoton excitation fluorescence microscopy and digital deconvolution and 3-D reconstruction, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy Fluorphore pairs for FRET, Green fluorescent proteins, conventional fluorophores, fluorphores labeling conditions for various biological applications. Selection of filters for FRET imaging, various FRET microscopy techniques, positive and negative controls, photobleaching FRET, FRET data analysis Localization of proteins in live and fixed cells

Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, February 12-16, 2005, Long Beach

The annual meeting covers a broad array of biophysical reserach in cellular and molecular biology, single molecule biophyscis, ion channels, drug screening, and fluorescence techniques such as TIRF, FLIM, FRET, confocal and two photon excitation microscopy

Biomedical Optics 2005, January 22-23, 2005, San Jose Convention Ctr.

The International Biomedical Optics Symposium, occurs the first weekend of Photonics West. Focused on lasers, fibers, and optics in medicine, the BiOS exhibition showcases the latest commercial applications of biomedical optics, instrumentation, component MEMs, bio-MEMs and more.